Arlo Baby Monitor

The Arlo Baby 1080p HD Monitoring Camera is a cute-looking baby monitor that provides crisp High Definition video and is packed with parent-friendly features including a multi-colored night light, the ability to play lullabies, sound and motion detection, and free cloud storage for event-triggered video.One look at the Arlo Baby tells you it was designed with kids in mind.The Arlo Baby is idle until you activate it. Simply select it from the list of installed cameras on the home screen in the app (available for Android and iOS) and tap the Live button to launch a live stream. In addition to the live video window, there are four buttons at the top of the camera screen, including a Speaker button for turning the speaker on and off, a Nightlight button that allows you to choose a color, set a timer, and tune the light on and off, a Music button for playing a lullaby, and an Environmental button that displays the room temperature, humidity level, and VOC air quality.The night light can be set to a single color or programmed to change colors randomly, and the lullaby feature lets you choose from dozens of songs stored in the cloud. You can also record your own voice and play it back.At the bottom of the camera screen are buttons for recording video, taking a snapshot, adjusting brightness, muting audio, and enabling full-screen viewing. The Arlo Baby comes with a Basic storage plan that gives you seven days of free cloud storage for recorded video and snapshots.


The Arlo Baby Monitor comes with a cute rubberized character outfit that makes it look like a bunny with green ears and feet, and there are kitten and puppy outfits available as well.The unit measures 4.3 by 2.6 by 2.5 inches (HWD), weighs 11 ounces, and has a nice sturdy feel. The "head" contains a camera that delivers 1080p video at 30fps, has an 8X digital zoom, and a 130-degree field of view. Two infrared LEDs provide up to 15 feet of night vision. There's a sync button on the left side of the head, and night light and music buttons on the right. The back holds a large night light that can be programmed to display one or multiple colors.The Arlo Baby is equipped with a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Wi-Fi radio, a speaker and microphone array for two-way audio, and motion and sound sensors. It also has sensors that measure the temperature, humidity, and the level of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in your baby's room. There's a mini USB power port on the lower base for power, and a rechargeable internal battery that allows you to easily move the camera from room to room without having to be near an outlet.

Installation and Performance

Installing the Arlo Baby is easy and can be done using the mobile app or with the web-based console. Once you've created an account, launch the app, tap Add Device, and choose Arlo Baby from the list. Plug the camera in, and when the LED begins blinking amber, hit Continue. Select your home Wi-Fi SSID, enter its password, and press and hold the sync button on the camera for two seconds (the LED will flash blue). Hit Continue to have the app display a QR code and hold your phone a few from the camera until you hear a chime (around three seconds). After confirming that the chime has sounded, the app will need a few more seconds to connect and will prompt you to name the camera. Once named, the camera is ready to go.

Arlo Baby is a solid performer.

It delivers a sharp 1080p video stream with rich colors and no obvious distortion. Black-and-white night vision is also sharp out to 15 feet, and two-way audio is clean and adequately loud, as is lullaby playback.You will receive instant notifications whenever the motion and sound detectors were triggered in testing, along with video clips that looked every bit as good as the live feed. I also received several low-battery notifications after leaving the camera unplugged for a period of time.It's an excellent performer that allows you to monitor your child in crisp 1080p streaming video from anywhere using a smartphone or PC, and it has a kid-friendly design. It offers all the extras you'd expect from a top-tier baby monitor, including two-way audio, lullaby playback, motion and audio detection, triggered recording, and push and email alerts.